My Name is Leah pronounced (lay-ah). I was born on December 18, in Kirkland, Wa and on September 1, 2010 I moved to Lake Worth, Florida with my two boys Josiah, 9 and Kekoa, 4 and my Amazing Man Kauwela.

Below is my wonderful family, but of course not limited to!

I have my AA Degree from Grays Harbor College and a various assortment of Credits towards my BA in Teaching Special Education, due to my families move my BA still sits at 90% finished, something I hope to remedy at some point in my life. However, for now my focus is on being a mother to my boys and blogging.

I started blogging in August 2011. I originally started with a simple Facebook page that I used to share the deals I was excited about with my friends and family. It has grown into this beautiful blog that you now see. SavyGreenSaver is changing and growing everyday, my hope is that there is something here for everyone.

Your probably thinking to yourself that I spelled Savvy wrong and you would be right. I am a mother of many mistakes and mishaps. Usually 90% of what I do ends up as a goof up, I try to be that Savvy mommy driving her kids around all organized and calm and always end up one v short of actually being that mommy. So instead I choose to embrace my mistakes, miss-steps and mishaps to learn from them and through the power of trial and error I succeed eventually. Lucky you, I share my discoveries with you so you may learn from my mistakes as well.

I was not born into an immensely wealthy home. I had to work for my first car, and started living on my own as a teenager.  I had my first child at 16 who was placed under adoption with parents I chose. I receive pictures twice a year from her mother and a letter letting me know what she’s been up to. I hope to one day create an online forum for moms to be to connect with moms that have been in their shoes. I had my oldest son at 20, and my second son at 25. I have lived many different lives and as a result I have learned things like how to be resourceful with what you have, limit the toxins around you and of course be healthier.

I am willing to try new things, I am not afraid of change and I love to reuse everything I can. I love to interact with my readers on Facebook and Twitter and of course on the blog. My readers trust comes first, If I won’t use it in my own home I will not recommend that you do. I believe that you get out of life what you put in, so I strive to make everyday more meaningful than the one before.

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